One Tree Hill Season 9 DVD Box Set

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One Tree Hill Season 9 DVD Box Set is a teenager drama with American basketball idol theme. Of course, the basis of the drama is everyone’s love for basketball. This show fully presents a feel that all boys and girls are obsessed with themselves. Lucas and Nathan basically nothing in common: Nathan has a superior family and he is a basketball team’s star player in a high school, who is arrogant and self-assured; Lucas is quiet and ambitious, and he is the only son of a single mother. They have a well-hidden secret about them: they are half-brothers.

    Lucas was arranged into Nathan’s team. It’s the fate of the two people that blends them hard together. We can see all the time that these two people want to win Peyton’s heart wherever they are on the pitch competition or out of the competition. They are teenage boys and love basketball very much. They are energetic, so all people know that they will do something stupid. But the competition is not the point; growth is the key to their life in One Tree Hill Season 9 DVD Box Set. They not only grow in the feelings of brothers but also in every young boy’s responsibility, love, forgiveness and sacrifice awareness. Parents are faced with marriage, family, loyalty, betrayal, hatred and love, and are impacted by changes that people have around them. This show describes the growing problems which always happen in our daily life. Everyone may own different experiences when growing up. Some people are very smooth, while others may experience too many frustrations and hardships. However, we always need to grow and mature by ourselves, and learn to face all kinds of problems in life, and learn to settle them rather than get rid of them. Lucas, though not a perfect person in this show, he is able to face life and think about it very hard, and strive to have the courage to face in One Tree Hill DVD Box Set.